Coffee with Friends

coffeesignIt seems we are all so busy that I need to plan a date for coffee with some dear friends. Life used to be less complicated and our schedules were all coordinated by the school calendar. There is something relaxing and unifying about taking the time to gather for coffee (or tea for a few).

Coffee is enjoyed around the world by many cultures. Time magazine recently printed a special edition all about coffee. They had articles and pictures from all over the world. It discussed countries that grow the beans, types of processing, grinding and brewing. People have many different preferences for coffee – hot,cold,flavored,black, mild or strong – and it’s a multi billion dollar business.

Business meetings or sales are planned at a cafe over coffee with a purpose in mind.    DSC_1368Co-workers may share a cup together to break up the day.  When friends make the time to gather for coffee it’s a time to slow down, relax and unwind. We share our lives by talking and listening while enjoying each other’s company. Sharing a cup of coffee is also a way of entertaining by inviting others in and making them feel welcome.

Coffee on-the-go is not enjoyable or relaxing – we get our caffeine boost but nothing else. Our quiet times or devotions can become like that. Read a quick “devo” and off we go. Did we really think about it? What was the point? Does it apply to our situation today?

In my busy agenda of the day,week or month – I REALLY need to make time daily to spend with God. To purposefully set aside time to slow down, read His word, reflect, pray and listen. Devotional books are helpful but not if I just read them to “put my time in” with God. That would be considered rude if I treated my friends that way.

How do we think about our time with God?  Do we want to drink up all we can or do we settle for less? I have two funny vintage mugs that express the thought :


In the book of Revelation we read that God is calling us, even waiting for us to open our hearts. To share our time and grow in our relationship with Him takes commitment on our part. We need to fill our thirsty souls with the Living Water.

20 “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.       Rev 3:20 (NLT)

So I ask you and myself, “Is spending time with Jesus more important than my much needed and enjoyed morning cup of coffee?” I think it’s a good idea to sit with my coffee and Jesus to start the day off right!  And then I need to make that date to gather with my friends!



2 thoughts on “Coffee with Friends

  1. Nancy, a great post! I agree 100%…..I have actually started (for June – Aug) to take a break from devotional books. I’m reading a Psalm and Proverb that goes with the day and then writing out a verse from each selection and praying the verse back to God for the day. Amazing encouragement! Love, Pauline


  2. Amen Nancy. Can’t think of a better way to start the day. I love my Java with Jesus in the morning. So blessed to have that time. Diane


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