He’s Still Working on Me!


There’s a GOOD work going on in YOU!  

 I have some good news for you.  You are special, one of a kind, unique. As in all rarity, you are priceless.  All life is valuable and precious because we are created in the image of God. And He’s not finished with us yet!

Phil.4:6  reads, “ And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

worriedwomanDid you know that? Do you believe it?  Sometimes I look at myself and feel like a mess!  My brain is foggy. I need to lose weight. And if I play the comparison game … I don’t feel “good enough”.   Hmm, maybe you can relate.

The apostle Paul was writing to one his most beloved group of people, in the church of Phillipi.  He was confident in God’s ability to change, transform and renew lives because he had experienced God’s great grace and total transformation himself!  Paul is also sure that God is doing something good.  When God was done with creation He said, “It is good”.  Our God does not make mistakes or do a half-a-job. God is working on me and you too…we are a work in progress. He won’t be done with us until we die and go to heaven or until Christ returns .

The Potter           pottery-457442__340

 Have you ever watched a Potter make a vase or cup on a potters’ wheel? It starts with a good mixture of clay (which comes in different colors). The potter takes time to work the mixture  and get the lumps and bumps taken out in order to spin smoothly. The clay moves up and down on the wheel as the Potters’ hands move inside and out to shape it into the size and type of vessel He wants. The vessel then goes through a process in a kiln at about 1800 degrees so it will retain its shape and be usable.

2 Cor.4:7 reminds us, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.”    

pottery-457445__340A pile of clay cannot do anything on its own.  It needs the potter. Clay can be refashioned even after it has hardened. It just takes a lot longer for hard clay to become moldable again. God wants to come into our lives to take out the lumps and bumps. If we surrender control of our lives and let God move and shape us, He can turn us into a masterpiece!

Cracked Pots

windlight-232064__340 Patsy Clairemont, a Christian speaker, author with Women of Faith  – has a book called, ”God uses Cracked Pots”   I LOVE the title. We are all crack- pots and cracked pots.   God wants to use us just the way we are. We don’t need to be perfect according to the cultural ideal. Let His light show thru the cracks…our brokenness, our imperfections, our weaknesses….and I’ve found a lot of humor helps along the way.

Next time you feel like nothing is going right….take a deep breath and think back to where you were a year ago…or five years ago? How do you see God working in your life? Or maybe you need to hand over control and ask God to begin a new work in your heart.  Talk to Him today.

               He’s Still Working on Me

There really ought to be, a sign upon my heart,

Don’t judge her yet, there’s an unfinished part.

But I’ll be perfect just according to His plan,

Fashioned by the Master’s loving hand.

He’s still working on me.  To make me what I ought to be.

It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars, the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.

How loving and patient He must be, Cuz He’s still working on me!




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